Leick Home Slatestone Rustic Oak Drawer End Table Product Review

We make a lot of important decisions in life. Among them, the choice of furniture can rightly be classified as being somewhere near the top of the list. This is because our furniture choice tends to reflect upon the character of the house in which we live in. Therefore, our choice of furniture, be it a rustic living room table or a modern television table, needs to be reflective of us and needs to serve its purpose.

Leick Home is a home furniture shop that provides its customers with a vast array of furnishing options. For over 100 years, Leick Home has established a tradition of providing beyond the customer’s expectations for less than the price they would expect to pay. Whether it is rustic living room furniture that the customer needs or there exist more modern demands like coffee counters or television tables, Leick Home has answers to all the wants of the customer. Its sturdy, classy quality has established countless loyal customers through the years.

The Leick Home Slatestone Rustic Oak Drawer End Table has a rustic and graceful style that makes for a great item in any setting. The table features high-quality solid hardwood which presents an image of sturdiness and old-fashioned sophistication. Complemented with the right setting and furniture, this rustic end table can become a key element in the design of your house and give a strong statement about your tastes and ideas.

Design and impact

The Slatestone Rustic Oak Drawer End Table is an incredible piece of furniture. Handcrafted out of dark hardwood with a rustic oak finish, this end table has an almost nostalgic quality about itself. The way in which the contours and edges jut forward without being too pointed or obtrusive means that the product has a soft and stately quality. The slate decorations on the tabletop have been painstakingly applied and preserved through a repeated process of hand-applied polishing. This slatestone design combines the usual wooden style with a slightly more hard-edged design and provides the end table with the right balance of soft and hard looks.

This piece of furniture definitely sends a powerful statement wherever it is placed. The impact of the Slatestone Rustic Oak Drawer End Table will not be lost on people and they are bound to gravitate toward this product before the night draws to a close.


This end table can be utilized in a variety of ways. It could serve as a good position to place striking decoration pieces or trophies. It can act as a side table for placing cups and plates. It can even serve its purpose as a magazine stand. This goes to show the versatility of the character and design of the Slatestone Rustic Oak Drawer End Table. In whatever way you decide to use this table, it will serve its purpose in a regal, eye-catching manner.

Product specifications

  • Extremely solid and sturdy hardwood and oak veneer structure.
  • Hardware made of hammered pewter and nailhead design.
  • Multiple-step rustic oak finish that is applied by hand with running slate details added as stunning decoration.
  • Strong, sturdy hardwood drawers with maximum pull-out action, which makes inserting and pulling out the drawers smooth and prevents jamming.
  • A wide shelf designed specifically for display purposes to better showcase souvenirs.
  • Classic rustic oak finish painstakingly applied by hand so that the design endures over time.
  • Simple to assemble.
  • Dimensions: 24” H x 24.5” L x 20” W

Customer reviews and conclusion

On the whole, the Leick Home Slatestone Rustic Oak Drawer End Table is an exquisite piece of furniture. Its aesthetics are something of a wonder, combining two distinct rustic modeling styles into a single piece of work that borders on the definition of art. The versatility and usability of this product are remarkable in its own right. Not only is it a highly compact design, but it also incorporates a certain grace within its elements that make it stand out on its own.

Customers gave raving reviews about the product. The design was especially appreciated since the aesthetic look of the table was an instant attention grabber. Almost everyone wrote that the product had more than lived up to their expectations. This product is recommended for anyone looking to send a bold message about themselves because this product projects an air of confidence and reliability in a way that makes it an almost indispensable element of any household or office.

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