How to choose best log bunk bed?

Bunk bed is a great option to fulfill the sleeping needs of kids or teenagers. The kids’ bedroom can be organized in the best possible way with the help of bunk beds. There will be great fun to sleep in bunk beds. Parents would like to offer the fond memories they enjoyed in their childhood to their children as well by installing an elegant and functional log bunk bed.

If you would like to make great changes to your children’s room, you should want to go the advice offered by experts. The selection of bunk bed should be based on various parameters. You should be aware of the space available in the bedroom. As per the availability of space, you can plan for the size, shape and design of a bed. Log bunk beds can be used by kids or teenagers. In some case, they can be used by adults as well. The design and strength of the bed should be in proportion to the age group and weight of the occupants.

The available storage can be planned as per your needs. You should choose the most appropriate bunk bed so that there will be great saving options. If you plan to entertain your kids, you should go for decorative elements as well. There are different types of bunk beds which include standard, twin over full, full over full, loft bunk bed, L-shaped bunk bed, futon bunk bed, and triple bunk bed.

The additional features presented on a bunk bed include storage drawers, trundle beds, dressers & chests. You can choose a bunk bed as per your budget and style. The stylish options include traditional, contemporary, transitional and country. If you choose a funky bunk bed, there will be addition of personality as well. The slumber party will be comfortable when you go for rustic bunk beds.

Benefits of bunk bed

Each kid will have his or her own space when you go to a bunk bed and there will be great satisfaction. You can manage more room in the small bedroom. The storage space provided on the bunk bed can be used to store toys. If kids share the bed, both of them will be disturbed. When you go for bunk bed the other kid will not be affected. You can separate bunk beds with two twin beds. Kids will have great fun by arranging a beautiful bunk bed.

There are certain disadvantages with the bunk bed. The child can reach the ceiling very easily. Hence, you should remove ceiling fans before arranging the bed. It will be difficult to reach the upper portion of the bed. Hence, selection of bunk beds should be done as per the convenience, comfort and safety parameters.

Rustic White Cedar Log Bunk Bed

The full over queen version is made in the USA. You can take advantage of clean coat finish on white cedar logs. The product is made in the USA. The dimensions of the product are 89” x 65”. The item will be prepared as per your order and it will be shipped via tractor trailer. The handmade bunk bed will bring rustic beauty to your bedroom.

The product comes with clear coat finish and it is assembled by Mortis & Tennon Joinery. The wood seasons and dries through the natural checking process. The furniture’s beauty will be amplified with checking. Annual growth rings will be formed. However, it will not affect the structural strength of the wood. You should not construe checking as deterioration of wood.

Midwest Log Furniture – Rustic Log Bunk bed

The rustic log bunk bed is available in ‘twin over full’ shape. The handcrafted log furniture fulfills quality standards without fail. The mortise and tenon construction comes with a premium finish. The product which is made up of solid wood comes with lifetime warranty. You can go through the hardware and assembly instructions so that it can be assembled in an effortless manner. However, you can take the help of a carpenter so that the assembly task will be simplified.

The Midwest log furniture is hand-selected and dried. The genuineness of wood is preserved in this process. The beds are de-darkened by hand. The debris present on the furniture will be removed through the pressure washing technique. The rough edges are eliminated through the hand sanding. Rustic look will be produced through great furniture features. The wood is sealed with polyurethane and the natural color as well as character is preserved. The dimensions of the product are based on the wood density and log.

The dimensions of full bunk bed are 84 x 58 x 63 inches and the weight of the product is 145 lbs. the dimensions of a queen (twin) bunk bed are 90 x 64 x 63 inches and the weight of the product is 155 lbs. the dimensions of queen (full) bunk bed are 90 x 64 x 63 and the weight of the product is 165 lbs.

How to choose best L-shaped bunk bed?

There are many advantages with a bunk bed. Children would love to play around and they will be able to store various kinds of toys in an organized manner. You can deploy them at home so that there will be great space saving potential. In most of the cases, children below the age of 6 will sleep in bund beds. If the room is suitable for L-shaped bed, you should install the same. Before placing an order for a bunk bed, you should go through the available options.

Types of bunk beds

Different type of L shaped bunk beds includes overlapping style, adjacent bio-loft style. There will be upper and lower bed when you go for overlapping bed design. In the case of adjacent beds, the beds will butt up each other in L-shape. There will be additional space beneath the loft bed.

You can go through the additional features to choose the best bunk bed. There are some models wherein the lower bed can be separated. This is possible when the lower bed do not play any role in supporting the upper bed. In other cases, it will be difficult to remove the lower bed.

There are full-sized beds and twin over twin beds. Bunks will be provided with ladders so that the upper bed can be reached very easily. Children will have great fun by reaching the upper bed by using the staircase. To choose the best bunk bed, you should consider various factors. The budget, the space available in the room, the number of kids, theme of the room and the personality of kids should be considered to settle for the best bunk bed.

Benefits with l-shaped bunk bed

The lower portion can be accessed very easily. If one of your children is not feeling well, the lower portion can be allotted so that there will be great convenience. In addition to the design, you can take advantage of the cool features in the form of chest and bookshelf. The available space can be used in the best possible way with the help of l-shaped bunk bed.

You can choose a design that ensures safety and durability. L shaped bunk beds are constructed well so that and they will come with a great finish. You can choose bunk beds made with wood as well as metal as per your requirements.

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Full Loft Bed, Merlot

You can choose the Twin over loft bed for your kids or guest room. Instead of going to a traditional bunk bed, you can choose an L-shaped bed without any issues. The lower-end of the L-shaped bunk bed will be perpendicular to the upper bunk. You can manage a large lower bed in this process.

The bed comes with solid wood construction. You should want to follow the guidelines given by the manufacturer so that there will be great results. It has European roller glide drawers with positive stops. There are four shelves to store various kinds of books. You can take advantage of two adjustable shelves as well. Even though mattresses and bedding are not included, you can take advantage of full-size bed on casters.

The brand, ‘Discovery’ is on the market since 1991. The goods will be assembled in Florida. The goods will not reach the destination in assembled form. You should follow the steps very carefully so that the assembly will take place in the best possible way. You can also hire a seasoned carpenter so that the unit can be assembled without any issues.

The dimensions of the product are 81 x 81 x 64 inches. The weight of the product is 243 pounds.

Storage options for the upper bunk kid

The upper bunk kid can manage great storage options. It is possible to take advantage of the wall storage. The things that you arrange for the upper bunk kid should be made with soft materials so that the kid will not be injured. Necessary care should be taken in the design so that the items will not fall down.

You can arrange wooden dowels or short curtain rods so that slings constructed from sewn pocket can be hanged. You can also hang some items from the side of the bed. Bed caddies are very popular among dorm dwellers. You should go for kid-appropriate items such as bamboo bunk bed shelf, alphabet bed rail, bunk bed caddy, STICKAT bed pocket.

Bunk Bed with Bookshelves and Storage Twin

The full L-shaped kids’ toddler bedroom furniture solid wood comes with various options. The product is listed on Amazon and it will be delivered at your doorsteps. You can customize the bed as per your requirements so that kids will spend quality time by sleeping, playing and using the storage space to fill with various kinds of toys.